Daniel Borek #

Hi! I’m Daniel and I analyse data using Python and R.

An Academic #

I studied physics within an interdisciplinary MISMaP program and philosophy at the University of Warsaw.

My doctoral research at Ghent University focuses on the spectral parametrization of neural oscillations. It applies my computational background to elucidate the brain’s rhythmic (and non-rhythmic) activity.

I’m leveraging my skills in statistical inference, data analysis, and visualization to understand the human brain.

My broad scientific interests include neurophysiology, computational cognitive science, metascience (especially reproducibility and open science), and philosophy of science.

…And Data Scientist #

In my work, I constantly switch between Python and R.

Before my PhD, I worked as a data analyst in health policy, doing analysis, visualization, and report automation in R.

I completed a traineeship at the European Commission’s DG Research and Innovation, contributing to the monitoring of digital and data-sharing aspects of some EU-funded health research projects.

I’m passionate about health data and using visualisation to generate insights

Hobbies #

I ❤️ cinema.

Living in Brussels, I’ve spent time learning Dutch and French.

I enjoy listening to podcasts while cooking 😄.

Find out more here about my tools for programming and writing.

Contact #

Connect with me on Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub, and Mastodon.

You can also reach me through my academic email.