This isn’t a complete list, just a mention of several tools that are helping me.

Hardware #

Devices/setup I am using to work:

  • MacBook Pro 13" M1 (2020) with 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD
  • Monitor: LG 34WN750 - QHD Ultrawide IPS - 34 Inches
  • Mouse: Logitech MX Vertical Ergonomic
  • Keyboard: Keychron K2 and Apple Magic Keyboard
  • Apple iPad Pro 12 Inches (Late 2018)
  • Chair: Ikea Markus

Development #

My current IDE for Python is DataSpell by JetBrains. It is basically a PyCharm with some additional features for data analysis. For a long time I was using VSCode, but Pycharm is much easier to retain focus.

I am still using VSCode for Markdown editing, and compiling bigger projects to PDF or HTML with Quarto. I am using VSCode for writing my blog posts and maintaing this site generated by Hugo as well.

I use zsh as my shell (together with oh-my-zsh and powerlevel10k theme).

Productivity #

I am managing my scientific references with Zotero.

Omnifocus is my way to go for task and project management, but I also have a practive of writing a daily note in Obsidian. Most my other Markdown notes lives in Obsidian as well.

In addition to Apple/Google calendars, I am using Cron, it has a nice Menu Bar widget that display the current/upcoming task from my Google calendar.

I like Pomodoro techinique, I am planning my day with the FocusMate sessions of 50 minutes of work with stangers in mind. You can find my profile here.

Alfred is my way to launch apps and workflows.

I am using Magnet as my window manager, but recently I am experimenting with Amethyst.

KepassXC is my password manager.

Reading, Learning, Watching #

For reading RSS I am using Reeder (both on Mac and iOS).

I am using DevonThink for saving articles for later reading and managing my documents.

Mubi for is my place for watching movies online. And I am recommending it to everyone who is interested in cinema.

More inspiration: